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    Austinite's Oxytocin Experience: 30 Day Experiment


    Oxytocin (aweksee-Tow-Sin), is a hormone secreted by the pituitary. I was prescribed this drug to combat retarded (delayed) ejaculation. My prescription is dosed at 10 IU, and instructed me to take the sublingual tablet 15 minutes prior to sexual activity. It certainly worked in that aspect. Spoke to Kelkel a few times about this drug. After exchanging a few studies and articles, I decided to run an experiment with dosing it daily. This thread will detail my experiment and experience.


    This drug has been touted as the "Love Drug". The slogan is in reference to development of better relationships between partners. Furthermore; it is claimed that this drug betters your social interactions and give you a "happy" all day feeling. My goal was to verify some, or all of these claims.

    I also wanted to monitor pituitary hormones to observe any possible reactions/changes in serum. This will be outlined shortly.

    Quick Disclaimer:

    The relationship part may be difficult to narrow down. Without getting into too much detail, shortly before starting this experiment, I met a broad who I am pretty crazy about. So I'm having a difficult time identifying any "boost" in affection towards her. It certainly hasn't gotten any worse, and if you know me at all, it probably should have by now.

    The Drug and Protocol:

    The prescription I have is dosed at 10 IU. My protocol was to take the compound daily in the morning for 1 week. I then increased the dose to twice daily. This drug is available in nasal spray form as well. It's claimed that nasal sprays are most effective, but after hearing from several users, I am doubting that. I also am not very confident in recommending an over the counter compound. It shouldn't be very difficult to obtain a prescription, but if you choose to run this compound and you're unable to get it prescribed, I guess you have no choice. It very well may work, but my experience is limited to prescription Oxytocin.

    Oxytocin is very short lived. Peak serum is observed in approximately 30 minutes with a safe return to baseline in a mere 2.5 hours.

    The Experiment:

    To minimize any confusion for myself, I dropped two compounds from my daily supplements: L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine.

    The first couple of days, I did not notice any noticeable changes. My days went by as any other day did without the drug. On the 3rd day however, I experienced a random erection while at work. This was unusual for me as I am on a twice daily dose of Cialis and have never had this occur. So it certainly is not the Cialis. Nothing else to report for day 3.

    On the 4th day, I had a seemingly better day at work. I felt overly friendly, if you will. I was off the next day and felt good. But didn't feel any need to interact or go out and socialize. Back to work the next day and again, super friendly me is back. An employee commented after I got off the phone. She said I was very "animated" today. She said I was using hand gestures as I was speaking on the phone, as if the person were right in front of me. Never done that before, so that's new.

    I called my endocronologist and asked her to increase my dosing frequency. She said.. "Oh really"? To which I replied, yeah.. I met someone (True, but not the reason, ha). So now my prescription is for 60 doses per month at the same 10 IU per sublingual tablet.

    The second week consisted of 2 doses daily. One at 7:00 am & another at 10:00 am. I wanted to give it a 30 minute buffer to be sure I am back to baseline. I did not want to attempt compounding the drug in my system this weak. No special reason, just part of the experience as the compounding attempt will come later.

    Days 10 and 11 were a bit odd. I experienced headaches. The headaches were mild and did not affect my work or focus. I was still in a good mood. But I decided to drop the second dose to see if there was any possible correlation. Well, sure enough, the 12th day, a single dose was administered and no headaches occurred. My ideology here is the timing. This is a considerably low dose, so I don't see how it could have an impact on headaches. I think that the 30 minute break I took between doses was either too short, or too long. The sudden increase in serum after a full return to baseline may have contributed. We know that one dose did not cause headaches. So maybe allowing it to compound prior to return to baseline would be ok, or allowing several hours prior to second dose.

    I continued with a single dose for the remainder of the second week with no issues. During that week, sexual experience was outstanding. Of course, I'll refer you back to the disclaimer; this is a new relationship and it may be the newness yielding such effects. Either way, I felt great and certainly can attest to better social interaction. I like to think of myself as very good socially, but that week I felt pretty darn good, notably good.

    The start of the 3rd week was confusing. The first couple days were great, but then it suddenly all wore off. It's as if I am no longer taking the drug. I don't get it. I even felt down at one point mid-week. I dropped the compound on the 6th day of week 3. I did not get back on either tryptophan or theanine.

    I stayed off the drug for 4 days. With 5 days left into this experiment, I decided to finish those days with a double dose once daily. So I took 20 IU daily each morning. Well it's back. I feel great once again. Having great days at work and overly friendly once again. I realized that I was not getting any headaches at this dose. This semi-confirms my idea earlier about a single dose, or spacing it out longer than half of an hour.

    My Conclusions:

    This drug does not need to be used on a continuous basis. It should be used on an "as needed" basis. If you're feeling down, socially distant or just feel like you're not your usual self, it can be beneficial. I do not recommend that you take it for longer than 7 day at a time. One week on and one week off makes more sense. After a 7 day run, the minimum break I would give it is 3 days.

    I do not recommend multiple doses daily unless you take them no later than 1 hour apart, and no more than 3 doses. Ideally, a larger dose once daily should suffice. If you suffer from retarded ejaculation, you can use this drug at 10 to 20 IU about 15 minutes prior to sexual activity. It certainly works in that department.

    To sum up my recommended protocols:

    10 to 20 IU once daily in the morning for 7 days. Then 3 to 7 days off. (easy protocol, my preferred choice for effectiveness and convenience)


    10 IU every hour for 3 hours maximum. Start in the morning. (Ex. 7am, 8am, 9am) - This one is just inconvenient, but it should work well, possibly better that once daily.

    Blood work:

    All panels ordered were reported by Quest Diagnostics.

    No changes in the following: GH, IGF-1 (LH/FSH has been in the gutter for years, did not test)


    Prolactin: Slight increase from baseline of 12 ng/mL to 14 ng/mL. [ reference 2.0-18.0 ng/mL ]
    TSH: Slight drop in thyroid stimulating hormone from baseline of 3.3 mIU/L to 2.9 mIU/L [ reference 0.40-4.50 mIU/L ]

    Cortisol was not tested because I take medication to manage it. I can't come off medication. I have seen studies indicative of a significant drop in cortisol total.

    In closing, this was a short experiment and while it may or may not benefit you, I figured it was worth sharing. But I can certainly say it has benefited me as I now know how I react to the drug in varying doses and protocols. I will use it for at least one week per month. Of course, I will always use it prior to sexual activity as I always have. I tend to develop a little bit of stress towards the end of each month at work. The stress of "Making goal" gets to me at times. So the last week of every month will likely be my week of Oxytocin. I am still interested in observing my reactions with Oxytocin when coupled with Tryptophan and/or Theanine.

    Finally, as this was a limited experience, this thread will mostly serve as an informational basis, and I will update any new findings in the future. However, this will likely not be a supported topic. In other words, I may not be able to answer all questions, but I will do my best when I can.

    Have a powerful day,

    ~ Austinite

    "It's human nature in a 'more is better' society full of a younger generation that expects instant gratification, then complain when they don't get it. The problem will get far worse before it gets better". ~ kelkel

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    Interesting. Thanks for the write up. I didn't know there was an otc preparation available.

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    damn, i take forevor to come. My sexuality is so fickle. Dopamine ags like bromo and caber def help, but things wear off. Straight l-dopa can work, and i once took a thermogenic that made me very horny, and im thinking it was either the aceytle l tyrosine as regular tyrosine has made me very horny but again, ears off. Or it may have been the 5-htp. ALCAR seems to have done it too, but only in combo with that thermo. ALCAR has been shown in studies to produce more libido increase than test c, one study anyway. Niacin def helps prostatic sensatons and feelings of eroticism, as the role of histamine in the prostate is important, as well for female uterine orgasm as well.. Cialis is nice. il try splitting the dose only took it once perday. Masteron made me horny the first couple weeks, now nothin.
    STRESS is by far the most destroying factor in sexuality. I used to think since stress reduces test that that was the reason for the drop. NOT the case as being stressed on cycle still kills the libido, same for TRT. One time i was so stressed i had ED and what i think was adrenal fatige and couldnt lose weight, and no ability to mentally handle cardio as well. I also had BIZAREE feelings of cobwebs on my face and no boner, i, i even had prickly feelings replace pleasure pulses in my penis. I thought i had MS(but maybe i do since stress brings it out). I also thought maybe i had an inflammatory problem in my spine as my hands had parathsias and i could feel a shock go into my prostate when i turned my head certain ways. ALOT of odd shit, and no im not a hypo chondriac. I had also worked in a dental office for ten years and removing mercury fillings may have given me mercury poisensing. IDK i had the levels tested after chelation and they were there but not terrible. My dad on the other hand had levels OFF THE CHARTS. He is now paralyzed with a rare condition called a aterial venous fistula. the fixed it but the inflammation to the spine was to much. The body is a mystery but i really hate it when i have been in love and couldnt stay hard or come for my woman. I notice a HUGE difference in sex drive and erotic thoughts when im stressed. Its odd tho...usually stress and anxiety kill the sex drive... but sometimes it increases it as a release and i want to go do weird things like buy handjobs at massage parlors. Im also very sensitive to my estrogen sweet spot, still havent found it. My igf-1 levels are consistently uninpressive and i do have "empty cella syndrome" but my endo doest want to mess with GH....*****.
    Im gonna look into this OXy. Also considering mast prop occasionally at like 25mgs day before a know im def gonna get some, but only see myself doing that if im in love, cuz it matters more, but also so i can enjoy sex. To not have consistency in sex drive an sensation is no way to live. Before TRT tho, i noticed cardio the day of sex would hurt me, couldnt get hard at all..that is where the TRT has made some diff. But sexual performance enhancement is a very interesting topic. IMO i think dopamine agonists are actually more of a factor than androgens, thus far in my own self research. Would love to talk in depth about this with someone like austine who seems like he has himself delt with some odd health problems and experiments with different vitamins and hormones as well as has a mind for this stuff as i do.
    Im looking into this.

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    This is very interesting. I read on it recently and though someone might have tried it, figures it was you Austinite.

    I am thinking about trying to make my own nasal spray since it's cheap to get via pet meds injectable.

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    I've tried it too - prescribed by my pretty cool endo. He prescribed the spray because that is all that is available in Belgium where he is, but unlike what Austinite heard, my guy said that the sublingual trouches were better.

    I did end up picking up the trouches as well while in another country based on what the endo said, and I feel (subjectively) the nasal spray is more effective for me.

    I noticed an effect pretty quickly on the eurostar on my way back from Belgium. Someone came and and sat in the seat next to me that was hitting on me and really annoying me (when I intentionally booked a seat by myself), and I ended up having a lovely and friendly chat with his friends, who ended up sorting him out.

    This is a huge change for me. I would normally have gotten the conductor to chuck the guy out, but in the end it was much more positive and I felt far more friendly in general. I've had lots more positive social interactions on it since then, and as Austinite suggests, I use it as needed when I have something social planned and for whatever reason my heart is really not into it on the day.

    If you make your own intranasal, Lovebyts, please do post about it. Last time I was in Belgium the lady at the chemist told me they had none, and that there was a rumour it was being discontinued. It's a formula made in Portugal called Syntocinon, and I'm happy to send you a list of the ingredients, etc. if that will be of any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovbyts View Post
    This is very interesting. I read on it recently and though someone might have tried it, figures it was you Austinite.

    I am thinking about trying to make my own nasal spray since it's cheap to get via pet meds injectable.
    I used some nasal spray a few years back. My take was a mild relaxation effect.

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    perfect.. thanks.. Oxytocin and Oxytocin Therapy "I'm checking this out for myself and the wife.. "

    The answer to your every question


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    to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially
    one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.

    If you get scammed by an UGL listed on this board or by another member here, it's all part of the game and learning experience for you,
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    Very good info Austinite. Maybe that is what I need. Here in the UK very hard to get prescription at least with my GP.

    I found some Oxytocin available online meant for animals. It is injectable 10unit/ml.

    Would that be ok to experiment? if so how should I try the dosage?

    How would you compare this with your feel good stack?

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