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    I have been to maybe 5 different GNCs around my area throughout the years and I have yet to see one in decent shape, or knew what I would consider a decent amount of knowledge. I always wanted to get a part-time job there just to see what their hiring and training process consisted of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chisim View Post
    I was told that I "had" to take milk thistle gnc brand of course (which was located right next to the creatine even) and if I used creatine monohydrate I could only use creatine for 30 days cause it will cause liver damage! lmfao

    I said it take 30 days just so fully saturate your body more less and all it does is draw water in the cells etc. I said "you!" are talking about pro hormones! not creatine!?

    This employee argued with me and wouldn't budge I actually got a little mad I will admit I just walked out, what an idiot? how can gnc have such a fool working there?
    I wouldnt even go in those places...order it online.

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