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Thread: Hiring a dietician for custom made workout product

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    I'm looking to hire a dietician for tailoring supplements to my own body type & needs.

    Long story short... I been taking supplements my whole life and seem minimal effects at best. Lots of times I was taking the wrong dose and had to rely on listening to my body's response.

    I recently spoke to a few professionals in the supplement field who emphasized the fact on how different body's respond differently to supplement intakes.

    The first step would be doing some tests figuring out your level of fitness and other factors.

    My goal in a nutshell is to develop a lean body, put on a bit of bulk and get some more explosiveness for kickboxing competitions.
    I'm looking for somebody who knows his nutrition (hopefully certified) to help me choose amongst 100's of natural ingredients to tailor make my own supplements.

    Where would I be able to find such a person? Someone who knows about 100's of ingredients, their use, and how they react when mixed with other ingredients, all taking into an account the client's bodytype

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    Professional fighters have their own people who make them custom supplements from raw ingredients based on THEIR bodytype, none of the NO explode shit. This is what I'm looking for, someone who knows the ingredients and how to mix them, for somebody with my daily caloric needs and body specs.

    Diet is great too... I definitely want to follow a strict diet, but I want to make my own supplements from raw ingredients based on pro advice, if I can get a formula online or from somebody on their boards that be great too!

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    Austinites educational database would be a great place to start.

    IMO hiring someone to do all that for you is a waste of money, 90% of supplements do nothing and the other 10% don't do enough to spend $50 a week on a 1 hour session for a bloke to tell you what they do when the information is freely available on the internet, if not on this forum.
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