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    Cool Requesting Recomendation

    I have used pro-hormone cycles that have recently been banned and I got decent results. I am new to injectable forms and I was hoping someone could tell me what is the most popular now. I also plan on claiming my free product coupon and was hoping someone might know right off what is supposed to be best for mass and strength gains. I was planning to try HGH but from what I understand it is more of an supplemental performance enhancement and is best used in tandem with a something better for strength enhancement. I would appreciate advice on whats in large usage and I'm ready for some sick strength gains.

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    If you got money for HGH then I wanna do what you do haha. All your questions can be answered with a quick search, post any questions you have in the anabolic steroids section of the forum. your more than welcome here and it's nice to see someone who seems willing to learn instead of suggest some ridiculous cycle.

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    Hello welcome your in the right place. Lots of reading.

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