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    Pre Workout Energy Booster's

    I have been taking a thermogenic before my workout, but now im on a AS cycle so i dont want to burn to many calories, but i do like ahving the extra rush. Ive tried some of the bottles at the gym--"Nitro speed, speed stack, ripped force, ect... ect" but they are like 3 bucks a pop. So im looking into a powder or pill to take instead, like rage or ultimate orange. And ive tried dymatreme-xtreme and i knid of liked it but i never got that intense focused feeling on it.

    Any suggestions?????????

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    Don't use 'em if you are bulking, believe it or not eca can hinder gains. At least it did for me on a past cycle. But if you want one that works and is cheap, Stacker2 at ASPN.

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    hey bro how about a red bull before workout? I pop one on those tired days (like today) it helps!

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    i always take Spark before my workouts, I think it helps even though its gotta be mental a thing now, but I do notice an increase in energy when I do take it. It's made by advocare if you want to check it out

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