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    creatine and week off from gym?

    i have a question pertaining to my own. I am going to be taking a week off from the weights in 4 weeks. I have been going hard for four months and feel i need a break.I am starting back up on creatine next week, so into the 4th full week of being on it I won't be hitting the weights at all for a week (but will be performing 3 days of cardio). Will the creatine be going to waste or be deemed useless during the week off? any insight anyone could provide wouldbe great! thanks

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    No, keep taking the creatine, just on days off taking in the morning when you wake up.

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    BT's right on the money...just take 5 grams in the morning when you get up, instead of 5g before workout and 5g after....or however you were taking it.

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