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    Tips for Creatine Absorbtion

    I take 5g Creatine on a morning and then 5g on an evening.

    If this falls after an am cardio session or pm weights session I take it along with 60g dextrose, 40g protein and some oatmeal.

    My question is this, when taking my creatine on mornings/evenings when I don't train, should I still consume some dextrose with it to aid absorption, or will this lead to fat gains.

    I read somewhere that Creatine should be taken with dextrose at a ratio of 1:5 (creatine:dextrose). This suggests that I should take 5g Creatine with 25g of dextrose on mornings & evenings that I do not train. Does anyone know if this is correct???

    Any other tips to aid creatine absorption would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

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    Well, I don't see a need to take over 5g/day unless I'm beginning a 6wk cycle (then 15-20g/day for the first week of it)...

    More insulin = more absorption... insulin pushes AAs, glu, and other stuff into cells (incl creatine). Insulin is also anabolic for protein, glycogen, and fat... so figure out what you want to do here.

    I want insulin pretty high all the time while bulking, so I will take a lot of carb post workout because insulin is low then... if you were cutting down, you'd want insulin low to moderate as much as possible, but you wouldn't be taking creatine if looking to lean out...

    Bottom line? You're bulking here, so who cares if you have 5 or 10gr extra of dext after workout? On off days, take it in the morning with dext.. insulin levels are also rock bottom when you first wake up (eat a full meal soon after though because creatine alone will upset your stomach).

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    Try using some ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) with your creatine, it aids in creatine absorbtion, I get the greatest pumps with it.

    Here are a few good things ALA does for you.
    Mimics Insulin
    Powerful Antioxidant
    Enhances Glucose Utilization
    Enhance Amino Acid Transport
    Lowers Blood Sugar

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