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    I wanna gain weight

    Hello everyone... I am really glad a site like this exists. Maybe someone here can help me...I will give as much info about myself to get a good answer..

    I am 29 (30 in Dec.), i am 5'7" 135lbs. I have approx 10% body fat..
    When I was 19, in the army, weighed 165lbs...

    My workout.. just starting back again (weights every other day) and 5 times a week Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... ( I consider this cardio by the way we train) lot of stamina building.

    I wanna get back to my 165lb weight... (Muscle memory Im sure will help)

    Are their any suppliments I can take.. how much, if any (what kind) and how much Carbs, protein, should be a daily intake for me.. and Before or After workout???

    Thanks all.. and by the way came here originally for steroid help, but read alot, and realize I have a lot of natural growth to gain.. so I wouldnt need it... Thanks for all the knowledge I have learned so far...

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    Heavy, intense weight training... stick with the basics. Bench, Squat, Deadlifts, etc. Read some posts in the workout forum for some ideas. Eat 5-6 small protien rich meals a day. Get some whey protien and a quality multivitamin.

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    ala would be a nice addition to your supplement stack. I agree through, compound movements, keep it to the core basics and build

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