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    Thumbs down Supplement Graveyard

    Lets make a list of supplements that don't live up to the hype. This might save others some money.

    D Aspartic Acid.
    I've tried this for several months on different occasions. My results were no noticeable increase in strength or changes in body composition. I actually felt weaker! Recent studies state that this crap can actually REDUCE testosterone production.

    DHEA-micronized 25mgs
    I had my DHEA-S level tested. It was on the low side. I supplemented for 3 months with this product at 25mgs per day and noticed... NOTHING!

    EVL Test by Evulution Nutrition
    After finishing off a bottle I went through my training journal. I gained an extra rep here and there but nothing worth mentioning. Not a surprise considering this product relies on DAA. Save your money.

    Betaine TMG
    The only way I see this working is in the absence of creatine. According to examine, this works in a similar manner to creatine but to a lesser extent. 3 months of supplementing this together with creatine provided 0 results.

    Casein Protein
    I know some people will disagree, but I don't see the point of this stuff. A serving of whey contains more protein AND Leucine. I've noticed better results with whey. I suppose you could use both but why? Combining some healthy fat with whey will give you the slow release benefits along with more Leucine.

    If you're already getting adequate Zinc in your diet this has no benefit. Better sleep? Lol what marketing B.S. How about turning off electronics or sex before bed. Much more effective.

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    I wont ever use DHEA again myself. Gyno symptoms EVERY time regardless of dose and brand.
    Ive ran the strongest AAS ever known too man an I'm not even gyno prone.

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