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    hey everyone, yet again i need ur wise advice

    I want to look much much much bigger! I do workout but I do 3 sets of 10-8-8 or 10-8-6 reps. A friend told me that to get really big u should just do ur max and thats it. He said it will make u look big but won't give u good str. Since my objective is to get big (especially biceps), should I do this or keep doing what I am doing and will receive the same results and more?

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    Mike Guest
    do a set of ten to warm up then a set of 8-6-3 of as heavy as you can go (preachers for biceps) lift HARD 3-4 exercises 3-4 sets liek said - resting between, two muscle groups - good luck bro

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    Mikes right there bro follow his advice and you should notice a difference.


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    Yes yes yes. Lift heavy, but be careful and not hurt yourself, or give yourself a hurnia. "Muscles look bigger when they are stronger" I used to be a skinny kid in high school, and I was like you wanted to get big. I took the advice of a body builder, and started lifting very heavy and doing lower reps, increasing my weight everytime I went to the gym. Guess what I got big as hell, but once I stopped working out, I got really big, and now it is kinda hard to come down from that size and mass. Just be careful what you wish for, if you are thin, and cut, try doing alittle more heavier weights, but don't bulk to fast, I think. Mike recommended a good routine. I used to do one similar to that, and it worked great. Remember eat right, make sure you body is getting protein and carbs it needs. Also may want to get on some natural suppliments like Creatine, or something that will make your muscles look fuller and shorten your recovery time. When you hit the weights hard, your muscles will feel it. Good luck..

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