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Thread: Opinions on -ORAL- DHEA ?

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    Opinions on -ORAL- DHEA ?

    Hello, I'm a 20 year old n00b lifter. I've been training for a month and bench 145, squat 200, and deadlift 295 (low numbers I know). I plan on doing a basic beginner's training program (like a 5x5 plus accessories), combined with a strategic diet to build a muscular/strength base.

    Now I've read that DHEA is a pre- prohormone to testosterone and estradiol, and I'd like to know if taking 500mg a day (orally) would boost my results beyond what I would achieve without it ? It's easy to get, available at Walgreens and CVS, etc. By the end of the year I want to bench 315, squat 405, and deadlift 495 at least. I'm willing to push myself to the limit to hit those numbers or more.

    So will the DHEA help, and will it convert to testosterone in the body at 500mg ED ? Thanks...

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    Dhea isn't really effective in my opinion, at 20 years old I'd stick to a solid diet and training program and get some tried and true, proven supplements like creatine. Your test should be at a pretty good level, also you haven't been lifting long your gains with the right nutrition and workout plan should be great over the next couple of years. Stregth gains will come from diet and strength training, you're just getting started enjoy the journey and remember its a marathon not a sprint bro. Be patient, stay consistent and the gains will come

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    Don't bother with the DHEA. Especially at your age. I'm 36 and I've supplemented with it for the past few months. Nothing worth noting.

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    I personally will never use it again. EVERY single time I have ran it,, regardless of dosage,,,I end up with gyno symptoms,,sore,painful itchy nipples.

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