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    Where to get gear?

    Alright guys, new to this forum so I'm sorry in advance if there is already a thread for this.

    Now, what the problem is that I usually buy my gear from a local 'Supplement store' and I was really thinking for the future if anything happened to that store where could I get gear? I'm located in Scotland, UK. Is buying online safe enough? I haven't actually came across any website that sells it but I'd be looking for melanotan & test.

    Really hope someone could point me in the right direction, thanks!

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    You are wasting peoples time by asking questions like these

    Don't expect to be spoon fed everything. Figure it out and asking on a no source forum is an easy way to lose all respect. Nobody is here to spoon feed you, at the lowest you should already be able to figure this out through research on your own time. We're in a new age and legit gear does exist, don't expect anyone to open a door for you when you probably haven't put the work in

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    Welcome to the forum but you cannot discuss sources in the open forum.

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