I first found out about Synephrine from Austinite's OTC Fat Loss Stack thread. It not only works great for losing fat and curbing my appetite but the main reason I have really started to like it is the way it makes me feel (more awake/alert, and just a general good feeling).

When I did a search on google I found it makes some people anxious but it has the opposite effect on me. I tend to worry a lot less about things that bother me, I stay more focused, and get a lot more done. I have been using it off and on for about a year now taking a few months off when bulking and whenever I am cutting I follow Austinite's protocol of taking 1 week off of Synephrine for every month I use it.

I keep waiting to gain a tolerance or for the feel good effects to stop but it's still working just as well as the first time I took it. When I google long term effects I don't seem to find much info on it so I was hoping someone here could chime in and shed some light on long term use taking 1 week off for every month of use.

TLDR: Is Synephrine safe to use long term if you take 1 week off for every month of use?