WARNING: Unless you feel confident about your response to antihistamines do not attempt this as a starting dosage

Hi everyone,

As I was trying to shed some vacation fat since June 4th, I decided to try salbutamol. I did randomly try it once before and used jimmyinkedup's experience as a base (https://forums.steroid.com/anabolic-...xpereince.html). I never saw any results using that approach and figured that sometimes, just sometimes, more is better. As I generally go with less is more this is quite a shift for me. I went to my local pharmacy to pick up and here in India where I currently am this is prescription free and cost a few cents per 8mg tab. I should mention I have used Clenbuterol up to 200mcg/day so my tolerance for these specific compounds if reasonably high, wish I could state the same about Trenbolone.

My starting weight was 85.9kg. I ran two weeks cutting naturally at 2600kcal/day and pretty intense training. At the end of those two weeks, I had lost a scant 1.9kg. Pretty low, even for me honestly.

With my "new" starting weight of 84kg I added 16mg of salbutamol three times/day for a total of 48mg. 6am, 2pm, 10pm are the times I took it. At the end of these two weeks, I had lost 2.4kg which is better.

Subjective feelings
It is fair to say that anyone who has not gotten the shakes using salbutamol has not used enough :-). My wife, at the dinner table, "Ok, so WTF are you taking now?", Hahaha. Yeah, could hardly use a pen to be completely honest. Sleep was excellent which is different from when I tried Clenbuterol . As my training is very conditioning heavy there was a significant difference in my performance. I could push through in a way I could not do it before. Improved fat loss, improved conditioning but hands of an Alzheimer patient is how I could conclude this experiment. Considering the cost of this compound it is what I will use in the future. I doubt I'll try higher dosages than this but who knows.