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Thread: Supplements?

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    Just wondering what u guys take and why?? Please list Supplements and the strength and quantities u take and what it is taken for?? Thanks guys

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    The only supplement needed is Creatine and even that is debatable. Money should be spent on real food. A blood test would show any vitamin/min deficiencies but other than that you don't need any - they are largely marketing hype and a waste of money.

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    Wanted to say about creatine.. But Windex said first!
    This supp is my favorite because of legality and efficiency. I used it for some weeks without load scheme. I've gained 10 lbs of weight and got power increasing

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    I’m into some of those high powered pre workouts, but I also work 12-16 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week for weeks on end, so if you don’t need the energy pass on that.

    Cialis is also pretty bad ass for pumps

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    caffeine capsule taken (pwo)
    whey: not necessary if you're a better person than me on your diet
    creatine: studies proved effective. Unless your a non-responder. Most non-responders ate a lot of red meat. See a correlation even though they say its not possible to get enough creatine through red meat? I take HCL because it's easier and you dont have to build up blah blah blah
    fish oil: something something balance something omega 6 to omega 3. IDK, I just take it. Probably a waste of money
    multi vitamins: proven a complete waste of money unless you have a vitamin DEFICIENCY. Which I do not have cuz I eat a balanced diet. But if I didnt waste money on this stuff... what else would I do with it?

    Caffeine is probably the only supplement there that studies have clearly shown to improve performance which you cant get through proper diet
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    I'm using a whey isolate, and some creatine. During training I drink Glycofuse/BCAA's

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    I like whey because I don't really like to eat as much as I should and doc limits my red meat but if you are eating enough meat you should not need it.
    Creatine works best with some carbs so I add it to my shake along with some fruit and coconut water.
    I have read BCAA's are a wast of money and over time have a negative effect on your body but I have a friend that swears by them.
    My pre work out is coffee and sometime Test/Tren base for long workouts
    Over the years I have found that most of the stuff you buy at the health food store does not really do much for me but everyone is different. Real gear is cheaper in the long run and I can see the results.
    Good luck

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    Well, In morning I take my levothyroxine 125 mcg for my Hashimoto's thyroiditis, then 10 drops of a prescription vit D. I'm a coffee drinker (a cup containing around 200mg of caffeine) but not every day. Another thing I take is VERY strong multi - B vitamin complex + zinc (15mg), during the diner. Also I take creatine (5 g) in evening. Ha, I'm also bipolar so I'm on abilify, haldol, depakote and tianeptine.
    That's it!

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