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Thread: Supplements?

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    Just wondering what u guys take and why?? Please list Supplements and the strength and quantities u take and what it is taken for?? Thanks guys

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    The only supplement needed is Creatine and even that is debatable. Money should be spent on real food. A blood test would show any vitamin/min deficiencies but other than that you don't need any - they are largely marketing hype and a waste of money.

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    Wanted to say about creatine.. But Windex said first!
    This supp is my favorite because of legality and efficiency. I used it for some weeks without load scheme. I've gained 10 lbs of weight and got power increasing

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    I’m into some of those high powered pre workouts, but I also work 12-16 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week for weeks on end, so if you don’t need the energy pass on that.

    Cialis is also pretty bad ass for pumps

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    caffeine capsule taken (pwo)
    whey: not necessary if you're a better person than me on your diet
    creatine: studies proved effective. Unless your a non-responder. Most non-responders ate a lot of red meat. See a correlation even though they say its not possible to get enough creatine through red meat? I take HCL because it's easier and you dont have to build up blah blah blah
    fish oil: something something balance something omega 6 to omega 3. IDK, I just take it. Probably a waste of money
    multi vitamins: proven a complete waste of money unless you have a vitamin DEFICIENCY. Which I do not have cuz I eat a balanced diet. But if I didnt waste money on this stuff... what else would I do with it?

    Caffeine is probably the only supplement there that studies have clearly shown to improve performance which you cant get through proper diet
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