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Thread: High Blood Pressure Supplement Stack Protocol

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    High Blood Pressure Supplement Stack Protocol

    heres a supplement stack to help with high blood pressure

    Supplement Protocol

    Carditone : 2x daily
    Astragalus : 3-5000mg 2x daily
    Pycogenol : 100mg 2x daily
    Grape Seed Extract : 2 caps 2x daily
    Ubiquinol : 200mg 2x daily
    Apigenin : 200mg 2x daily
    Curcumin : 2 caps 2x daily
    IP6 : 4 caps at bedtime
    Pomegranate Juice(POM) : 4oz daily
    Citrus Bergamot : 2 caps daily
    Krill Oil : 2 caps 2x daily
    Ground Flax : 3g daily

    got this from Dante Trudel via Fouad Abiad . just thought I'd share it here

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    I know the Carditone works and I believe you could control BP with it alone.
    Interesting stack of products. Dante is a smart guy and I don't doubt his finding one bit.
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