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    Affordable vitamin powder?

    So, my girlfriend can't swallow pills. On the same note, her nutrition isn't that great and as such, a multi-vitamin is definitely in order.

    Thinking her options are going to be either a vitamin powder or gummies. Neither seem to be very economic, but the powder seems to give more bang for your buck.

    With that said, can anyone recommend a vitamin powder that is reasonably priced while reputable?

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    controlled labs orange triad

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    I'd rather go for gummies. Don't like vitamin powder. I usually buy those from Canadian pharmacy. I take my morning multivitamin gummy, then a protein shake for lunch and a calcium pill later during the day.
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    Donīt know if we are allowed to state brands/ products, if so, please let me know and I remove.
    But I can highly recommend Animal Pack powder, think it comes as 44 portions.
    Has everything from vitamines, minerals, kidney/ liver/ digestive enzymes and anything you may or may not need.
    Good price and highly dosed.

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