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    Taurine and what else for clen?

    Hi guys, lady here, getting ready to add in clen to the final 8 weeks of my cut and I recall reading somewhere that I need taurine to supplement and something else, potassium(?), but am not sure on dosage? Any input would be appreciated.

    Currently taking:

    - multi vitamins up the wazoo (doc recommended), vit C is in there along with liver support, milk thistle, vitd drops, b12, etc
    - NPP
    - Will be adding anavar final 6 weeks
    - Glutamine
    - Creatine HCL
    - BCAAs

    Thank you, as always for the help.

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    I stick to 500mcg/day when using clen . Not entirely sure where I got dose from though. Feels a bit arbitrarily selected.

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