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    Pre-workout supplement

    Hey guys,
    i would like to get some of your opinions what you guys use a preworkout...i am training at 5am and for all this time i was using straight caffeine but i was wondering if you suggest anything better!

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    Solid amount of sleep followed by coffee. Works for me!
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    Animal Fury Ice Pop is my favorite. I've tried some others but Animal Fury is still the best in my opinion. It doesn't have a bunch of extras like C4 does, but that okay for me. The flavor for Animal Fury is actually really good, like I enjoy drinking it where as others I have to choke down. It works too because a good pre-workout gives me those tingle feelings in my arms and face, I feel it fast with Animal Fury.

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    I’ve never been much in to Pre always seems to bloat me, make me feel really weird, plus I don’t like the ups and downs. I’ve been using an Intra called IN-Kaged. It doesn’t give you that high or low, for me it feels like a clean steady fullness (for lack of a better term). Meaning I feel I can complete a full set without feeling depleted at the end……..I hope I’m making sense here

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