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    advantages of using more eca over problems?

    I was wondering alot recently about the advantages of using more eca each day, i dont mean more than rda, i mean i have been using it for years but never really beleive its helped me lose any fat, i use it to give me a boost of enery when i am low carbs, and i beleive low dose is safest on the health. I usually use 1 tab per day, I was wondering what people think if i was taking like 2 tabs 2 x per day, im particularly talkin about dymet extrem or nyc at the moment, other ones would have varying doses im sure, if the benefits of fat loss would increase and the negative consequences would not increase, my main worry is, i find it hard to take a break and stop using it once i start, so its usually like i use it for 4 months, then stop for 2 or 3 then on again, anyone any experience??


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    I use Dymetadrine Extreme often and take 3 caps a day..... I get pretty shakey and the crash is pretty bad. I wouldnt ever go over 3 per day.

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    Stacker 2 work great for fat lose and an energy boost I used them during the wrestling season when I was cutting weight. I also havent felt a crash yet

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    You begin to tolerate the effects of the ECA. Just like any other caffeine your body gets used to it and addicted. You need to cycle this product. I will use it when cutting and carbs are low just as you suggest and cut it out when im bulking. There are also effects from the asprin everyday. doesnt it thin the blood? or hinder blood clotting?

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