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    Exclamation Royal Jelly

    I heard about this stuff from a friend, i dont know much about it except that it comes from bee's and can make your "well-being" better and i also heard that it has athletic benefits, here is the website . so can anybody tell me if this stuff would be good to take if you were an athlete??? it seems pretty good to me, any comments?

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    The effects are mild at best if you've ever experienced an ECA buzz. There are some popular "stacks" with Royal Jelly, Ginseng, and Ginkgo Biloba, but popular doesn't mean quality. It won't hurt you unless you have a bee allergy, so give it a try if you like - just don't expect major results.

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    Its BS I took it for 6 weeks... nada

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    It depends greatly on what you are expecting from it and like Excess said give it a go if it doesn,t work you have not really lost anything

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