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    The next phase of Andros

    Gaspari Nutrition recently came out with some interesting andros. I would love to get some feedback on them if anyone tries them out. They are $47.99 each. Do you think they are pushing it a little bit now?

    19-Nordeca Cypionate 10ml

    19 Nordeca-Cypionate
    The strongest and most anabolic compound available

    What is 19-Nordeca Cypionate?

    19-Nordeca Cypionate is a powerful prohormone that converts
    into the powerful steroid nandrolone .

    What makes 19-Nordeca Cypionate better then other 19- Norandrostenediol's is the new Cypionate attachment that makes the product more stable and last longer in the body.

    What are the advantages?

    This product is equal to the steroid Deca Durabolin .

    Users reported significant muscle and strength gains and a decrease in body fat.

    The advantage of 19-NorDeca Cypionate is it stays active much longer than testosterone and has a very high anabolic-to-androgenic ratio.

    One-T Cypionate 10ml

    ONE-T Cypionate
    7 times more anabolic than testosterone

    What is One-T Cypionate?

    One-T Cypionate is a powerful new version of One-T with the new advanced technology of cypionates.

    What are the advantages?

    The advantage of One-T Cypionate is it has the new Cypionate Technology making the product last longer in the body for better muscle and strength gains.

    7 times more anabolic than testosterone does not aromatize and safely minimizes liver deactivation. This means no estrogen.

    Test (4AD) Cypionate 10ml

    Test Cypionate
    95% as anabolic as testosterone

    What is Test Cypionate?

    Test Cypionate is our potent prohormone that studies show is 95% as anabolic as testosterone.

    Test Cypionate is the prohormone 4- Androstenediol with the Cypionate molecule attachment which makes the product more stable in the body for better bioavailability.

    What are the advantages?

    Test Cypionate is best for muscle gains and strength as well as increased training drive.

    Test Cypionate also elevates testosterone levels around the clock and increases libido!

    Test Cypionate is the legal version to the anabolic steroid Testosterone Cypionate used by many bodybuilders.

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    ummmm, id rather just by the steroids ..Ive wasted 1000's of bucks on bunk supplements.....Maybe if it works for others.

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    how do you take them?

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    Anyone tried them?

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    I'll start using them when I see pro bodybuilders using them instead of real steroids . Oh yeah, I forgot, the pro's really do only use these legal hormones.

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    yhea they make them look like bottels of gear???? if a person saves there $ they can bye real stuff and have better gains

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    I think Gaspari is still mad at the word for not beating Haney in the olympia.....

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    mg/ml isn't listed.. so no. I don't trust not knowing exactly what i'm putting into my body..

    plus, if those are precursors, they need to go through a metabolic change to get to test/bold/nan... the cypionate esther may need to be cleaved before this can happen. If that's true, then it's basically a waste.. slowing down the inactive compound while not extending the life of the active?

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