But this product seems nice and cheap, its called PHOSGAIN, 1.5 kgrs protein complex, here are the ingredients for 60grs:

Creatina micronizada 5.55 gr
Glycerol 3 gr
L-glutamina 200 mg
L-Glycina 200 mg
OKG 125 mg
Piruvato cálcico 113 mg
HMB 107 mg
Tribulus Terrestris 104 mg
Ácido Alfalipoico 98 mg
HCA 88 mg
Colina 60 mg
Acetyl l-carnitina 45 mg
Inositol 100 mcg
Picolinato de cromo .45 gr

im sorry cuz of the spanish words, but i think youll undertand, if anyone knows that mark and knows if they work good, please answer or PM me, thx.