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    Meth Oxyfactor - 1

    Supposedly this stuff helps protien synthesis and keeping a postive nitrogen balance in the muscles. Sounds like Deca . Does it actually work.

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    I've used Methoxyisoflavones before, and it is hard to say if they affected me. I took double the reccomended dose of which is 750mg. So i took 1500mg, of Methoxygen (VPX Sports). But i was using so much stuff, that i don't know if THAT actually helped. The best way to use it, if you did, is following a cycle of AS. That's when Cortisol levels go sky high, and you need basically all the anti-catabolics you can get. Take 1500mg if anything. Anything less than that, hasn't even really been proven to gain lean mass.


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    I had no big result on methoxy, and a few months ago in an MD magazine there were of date no tests that proved that the methoxyisoflavone actually worked, in fact they said NOT to use it until further studies were complete

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