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    VPX releases Methyl 1-Test

    Taken from another board, here is what it says...

    Ok, the M 1-T is bottled and ready to go. We are going to be doing a gel cap version within the next few weeks, but the demand for M 1-T is so high right now that we have made the liquid available.

    Now here's the is in a liposomal polylipid delivery that is formulated a bit "sticky" so that it will be taken up long before it hits the stomach. This will allow alot of the compound to avoid first pass through the liver. Now, we know that b/c this is a 17aa molecule the liver will have a hard time deactivating it...but at the same time, the liver will be put under stress. So, having alot of the M 1-T avoid first pass through the liver, the stress should be less. That is the theory anyway.

    Also, this is some intense stuff and it has a major burn when going down the throat (and it lasts several minutes). There are androgen receptors located in the throat and these are activated as soon as the M 1-T hits it.

    Here is my advice...take this with a protein drink (preferably an MRP). Take a swig to coat your throat and then hit the M 1-T. Then go ahead and finish your drink.

    Bottoms up!
    Muscles swell!

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    I can only imagine what this stuff will cost

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