Ephedra is just hte herbal version of ephedrine right? Im just wondering because i just completed about a month cycle off of ephedrine and recently started taking ephedra ( 300mg = 24mg of ephedrine, my prevsion dosage). I dont know if its me, but im just not really feeling it.. Mabye its just a placebo with me, but i know i had some really intense, stong, weight adding workouts. But then again mabye its just because its two days into taking it with my caffine and all. I thought i would feel it alot more tho at the start.

I was taking an ECA stack for a while, then switted to just EC right now.

Any ideas?

BTW i hear bad things about aspirin and it thinning your blood, abuddy of mine suggested white willowbark to replace it. What do you guys think?