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    1 AD for 8 weeks

    Is using 1 AD at 300 mg a day for 8 weeks too long? I was thinking of doing 6 weeks but I heard 8 weeks would be just right. Is 300 mg enough? I will also be using Tribestan for 3 weeks after.

    Also is it necessary to stack 1 AD with another pro hormone or could I just take the 1 AD and get good results? I'm 23 6' 200 with a gut on me and I've never taken any anabolic before.

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    1-ad may be a little long becacuse your androgen receptors are very sensitive. Also, there would be a lot of suppression with 8 weeks of use. I would go 4 weeks max with 1-ad. Stacking with some type of aromatizing androgen may also be a good idea to keep your little soldier happy. I would suggest 4-ad or maybe 1,4ad. I would like to add as well that 1-ad is yesterday's news. I do not see the sense in taking 1-ad which has to convert when 1-test is easilty available. That said I would just take VPX Syngex1 which is a combo of 1-Test and 4-ad Propylcarbonate. That solves your stacking question.

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    bigswole30---------so what is this VPX stuff you ae talking about. I was think of taking 1-AD and 4-ad and then 6 oxo but after reading a lot of these deals i don't know if that is really a good idea. I have been taking V12(from SAN) for a few weeks and see results but i suppose that could just be from going to the gym also. Is there some thing out there that will give results with small or no sid eeffects? what about that t-bomb stuff? thanks for the feed back.

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    My .02... I ran 800mg of 1-ad for 8 weeks and well... it didn't really do anything major. I think I gained 12lbs, but that was also the creatine and diet. Then it almost dissappeared shortly after, even with recovery and diet maintenance.

    I feel the pro's are not all that.


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