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    too many aminos from whey?

    I take anywhere from 4-6 scoops of whey a day, 2 when i wake up with milk, 2 post workout with water, and 2 before with milk. Say i take in about 150g of whey every day. I use pro-rated's whey protein. Looking at their amino acid profile, if i take in 150g, I get almost 12g Lysine, 12g aspartic acid, 22g glutamic acid, 13g leucine, 9g Threonine too name a few.. Is this over doing it? I just use it b/c its cheap and tastes good and mixes easily. The only other protein I've tried is Myoplex and it was too thick and required a blender. Any recommendations for cheap non whey protein that mixes well?

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    Why would you want to change from whey protein? All proteins are made from amino acids. I take as much as you do, and would guess most other guys on here do to. Some probably take more. You're fine with that amount.

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