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    New to creatine and need some questions answered+ur results from creatine

    Hi, my name is Chris and I just started taking creatine monohydrate today begining with the loading phase, I got a few questions that you could please help me answer.

    #1 i know to take at least 8(8oz) glasses of water a day and I have done that today but shouldn't that be soaking up in my muscles and not making me go bathroom like crazy?

    #2 What happens if I get the muscles I want but then decide to stop takin it, will I keep them or will they shrink?

    #3 When can I expect to see some results? (I always eat alot of protien like today i had a small turkey and 1 can of tuna and 1 can of salmon and baked potato etc)

    #4 What were your results from taking creatine?
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    um, yea drinkin alot of water WILL make you go to the bathroom all day.. But its still alot better drinking all that water.. Also you will loose most, not all, of your gains.. Creatine is made to hold water in your muscles.. Once that creatine leaves your body, so want some of that water that was in your muscle.. More importanty than creatine is your diet and taking protien shakes right after a work out.. I like Myoplex, tastes good.. Stick around here and keep asking questions.. Another key is rest and recovery.. Gotta take days off from the gym and gotta get at least 8hr min of sleep each night..

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