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    Wondering, where can you get the topicall powder of yohimbine, $$$, and is there a praticular brand that is recomended? I looked around on the net and found some at, looked shady though like they made the bottle in their basement.
    Hook It Up and Thanks as usuall. Man if you guys charged for all this info, I would be broke.

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    Gotta plug All Sports on this one. click here If it's not one you want, they can usually get you the one you need.

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    Hey Jason are we talking yohimbine hcl, cause I looked (like a good AR member) before I ordered mine and couldn't find it. It could just be that I'm stupid like my wife always tells me. I order one of those bottles that "looked shady though like they made the bottle in their basement". It was recomended by a Macro over at Elite though.

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