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    Does anyone have a particular creatine that they would recomend? Cell tech sounds good but all the ads alone are already making me sick of it

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    I know how you feel about it bro!!

    I use a creatine I think by body fortress and it is half price in the store I go to so I guess it is half price anywhere never had no probs with it and it mixes well


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    The Rink!!

    Thumbs up creatine

    Creatine is only manufactured by i beleive 2 or 3 different companies. Then the distributing companies by from them. Anyone correct me if I am wrong..but i have heard this from many viable sources.

    Anyways..I tend to stick to major name brands such as Prolab EAS companies like that.

    Stay clear from stuff like creatine carbo things that have additives in them, such as dextrose. You can by dextrose for like $1.50 for a large package and add it in yourself. The major reason I stay clear of Creatine mixes is that you don't know if you are getting the right amount of creatine in them. If you are trying to take a certain amount of grams, when you take a scoop of this so called creatine carbo..who is to say you have more dextrose in the scoop and not enough creatine and on the next scoop you could have too much creatine and waste it.

    If you stick to straight creatine you can take exact measurements and add what ever afterwards.

    hope that answered you question

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    for me creatine is creatine i normally get the cheepest brand. I dont think it makes a difference??


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    You hit the nail on the head bro!
    good post!


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    I used a german brand once. I gained a whole lot in strenght and size. I thouht it was super, but at the same time I started to suspect that this creatine wasn't just creatine. And what do I read in the newspaper some months after, XXXX creatine contains nandrolon. Don't remember the dosage but it was pretty high for being a "supplement". But the company is still selling the product. Guess they've removed the nandrolon. Don't know if I'm allowed to right the companys name here, but PM me and I'll tell you guys who are interested. Other then that all the diffrent brandes that I've tried were the same. Go with the cheapest, as long as it's 100% creatine monohydrat.
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    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if someone could help me on the ratio of creatine to dextrose. How many grams of creatine to Dextrose. I would like to try that instead of that other shit. How much per serving should I hit up?

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