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    Need Help

    I am looking for a web site or distrbuter for a drink called pure protien. They have it at my gym and its about 4 dollars a bottle. I was hopeing to find a supplier so I can buy a case or two at a better price, this stuff has if I remember right like 84g of protien 5g of L-gultimine and a whole lot of other stuff, if anyone can help I would be greatly happy.
    Thanx in advance.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    get in touch with the guys in my signature
    All Sports Nutrition
    Better yet:
    E-mail them here.

    Tell them what you want, how many, what flavor, and how many you plan to order in the future. Tell them Jason sent you. They may not be able to get it to you do to the cost of shipping. Tell them you will pay the difference in the cost of shipping and they will probably give it to you for wholesale.

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