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    Glycerine now considered carbohydrate

    I'm not sure how well known this is, I just found out today from my bro at GNC. Glycerine is now considered a carb, so all of those "low carb" bars you used to get aren't so low carb anymore! I picked up a Pure Protein Bar, and noticed that the carbs had shot up from 5g to 24g! So much for low-carb dieting with these things.

    On a side note, Pure Protein has a new Malted Vanilla flavor. Yum!

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    Well they do contain 4.32 calories per gram, so why not consider them a carb? They don't build much for Mr. Atkins...

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    is there any truley low carb bar out there?

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    F$$k real food, these things should be last on your list to eat...A only in emergency food. There Crap.

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    This is kind of funny. Ive said for a while that It should be its own catagory. Of course so should fiber (instead of listed under carbohydrate). The reason is this... when people think carbohydrate they think sugar ie glucose. This is fine for simple sugars and starch but glycerol is processed by a different pathway than sugar (not insulin ) and of course fiber isnt processed at all. Just because it has calories doesnt mean its a carb. After all protein and fat have calories and they are not carbs. In fact most oils (which are fats) contain glycerol... they are called triglycerides and are a major portion of the calories in oils.

    Ok that was your science lesson of the day

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