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Thread: I got some meat on my arms finally<3

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    Girly log, I got some meat on my arms finally<3

    Heya! There's little info on women and aas, so I'll make a contribution. Disclaimer: I'm not a good example to follow. I don't have a personal trainer qualification and never hired one. I learned anatomy in university, where we had to draw the muscle and skeletal system for art class. And I read about nutrition online, comparing bloggers and scientific research. Also, drafted my training schedules alone, constantly improving it by trial and error.

    I got some meat on my arms finally&lt;3-20191129_181321-copy.jpg

    And now I feel like sharing my experience with test e and tren e (first cycle) to give experienced aas users a funny read and less experienced users a what-to-expect insight. It's also good to keep in mind that we have unique bodies and another woman might be affected differently. Anyways, here's my testimonial:

    *a 200mg pin of tren gave me a long-long pip. The cause I attribuited to this is that the muscle was to small to vascularize it and after it I settled for 20-40mg weekly (the other cause could he that my pinning technique sucks but I prefer the muscle explanation)
    *the same large dose of tren resulted in numb arms and high resting heart rate (80-90bpm), problems solved after using a smaller dose
    *even in smaller doses, tren compromised my cardio
    *test e + salty food = best recipe for puffy face. I became mindful of how much salt I consume and I stay hydrated to keep the water retention at a minimum
    *besides aggressiveness I experienced raised anxiety, paranoia, an intense dislike for life and weird af dreams (at some point I dreamt I was frying my cat in a pan, and this is weird because I don't cook)
    *I had anxiety after hitting a nerve and I hit two veins afterwards. Next oil pooled to the knee as I did not pin deep enough. Next I pinned subq, itches to think of it. Stopped, resumed pinning only after I managed my emotions. Not giving the body a regular dose worsened the mood swings. A 0.2 ml subq pin absorbed just fine, a 0.4 ml pin absorbed slower, with a lump (concentration was 250mg/ml).
    *experienced some really elevated moods and euphoria, I found myself looking at non-users and thought "you punny mortals"
    *burned some fat while doing progressive loading which I did not believe possible. Now I'm in love with the idea of recomping. Intermittent fasting is a great tool for this too
    *if you imagine that your heart beats slower, it will do so. My technique for insomnia
    *had a theory that you can do better stretches, as stretching means muscles growing in length, but I could not test it. I felt my muscles tight, experienced cramps often, and I could not stretch as well as I do when I am off-cycle
    *week 1-2: increased libido, alertness, badass recovery, huge apetite, some pimples started to appear and water retention
    *week 2-3: starting shaving my face twice a week (I did this on ocasion before aas too as I had a lot of fluff showing in studio backlight photography). Hair grew faster on cylce (especially on legs), but it didn't become coarse or present in places it wasn't before (I expect it to happen in further cycles)
    *week 4-6: I noticed my voice was rough (the way it is when you have a cold, still girlish), later it went to a lower pitch. I'm really liking this one, sounds a bit more powerful
    *week 7: messy pin schedule starts, psychologically terminated, wrote exes... I felt sorness and I did a deload. My progress was better for it and I resumed progressive loading with more enthusiasm later
    *week 8: some clitoral enlargement visible to me, doesn't look like ambiguous genitalia
    *weeks 9 - 12: back to pinning regularly, determined to squeeze all the gains that can be gained from the cycle. Downed the dose at the end to make a smooth transition from demigod to regular person

    By the end of January or Feb I will get my bloodwork done too. Atm I feel really good.

    I have no siample diet, just ate what I felt like eating. I fasted until noon some days, most of them I ate above maintenance. Main source of protein was diary, supplemented with whey. I threw in some fruits and vegetables for the micros. I tried to keep the carb sources as healthy as possible, but I enjoyed some cheat meals too. The amount of carbs I ate without fat gain was fantastic. Hell, I'm even considering to stay on a dose during holidays just for the food.

    I'm open to questions if there are facts I missed. Of suggestions for improvement, if there are any.

    All in all I used 3.2 ml of test e (250mg/ml) and 3.4 ml of tren e (200mg/ml). I'll update the post with what happens afterwards, so far the androgenic sides are the voice and faster hair growth. I wonder how the voice will subside, or if it will at all.

    My goals were:
    *improving upper body strength for pull-ups and push-ups. My arms went from scrawny to decent. I can do push-ups like mad. Still can't do a goddamn pull-up, but maybe I'll be able to after I get rid of the water retention and some kg of fat (I have 1.69m and 84kg atm, I had 72kg, 24%bf, when I started the cycle, at the end of september)

    I got some meat on my arms finally&lt;3-20191122_160111.jpg

    *core strenght for spinning kicks (see the vid , I can do the first two kicks). Currently I'm not going to a martial class, although I plan to resume. I will give up tren when I do, it doesn't mix with the picture and when I trained alone I took long breaks between kick sets. I'm not sorry that I went with a bodybuilder's stack and not an endurance athlete's stack. What I want requires significant core strenght and I'll do the work on endurance off-cycle.
    *no goals for legs. I'm just so happy with my legs, they just keep growing without having my mind on them

    On my next cycle:
    *I'll learn how to cook meat, dairy products have too much fat
    *Learn to pin with one hands
    *have better-defined goals (measurable and time based)
    *not wear myself down so much in the first weeks and feel overtrained later (this time most of the progress happened weeks 4-6)

    And I must admit that I feel lucky to be part of the comunity, because I found the support that real life lacked. So guys, I'll be bugging you with stupid questions for as long as you'll have me.
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    “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ” - Roseanne Barr

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    Sorry I doubted you! Great job and keep going!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obs View Post
    Sorry I doubted you! Great job and keep going!
    Will do
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    “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ” - Roseanne Barr

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