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    30 Day DNP Cycle Log

    I'll be doing a 30 day DNP Cycle Starting Today


    May 10-17 200mg
    May 18-25 200mg
    May 26-June 2 200mg
    June 3-10 200mg

    Will be taking Electrolyte solution and multivitamin. Dropping coffee.

    Diet/workout info:

    Body fat percentage 25-30 percent
    Height 5'11.4
    Weight 215lbs

    Calories 1800
    Diet Keto
    Meal timings, 5 meals per day
    under 30g carbs per day.
    Protein 240g per day Min

    I went down from 235ish lbs to 215 from Feb 10th- May 10th
    I slowly built up a consistent diet, I did no exercise until recent, was only focusing on my diet.
    I was going to go on DNP 3 weeks ago but I decided to add exercises instead (5km walking per day)
    5 day bro split.

    To see what DNP is about and weigh out the pro's/con's

    I don't really think DNP is necessary ever but I want to see the exact weight loss numbers. My guess is I will lose about 4lbs a week, I am capable of losing 2lbs a week natural on a low carb keto diet so its going to be interesting to compare.

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