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    Wink thoughts on 2nd cycle?

    so I'm planning to run this as my 2nd cycle.
    (i did a test only cycle back in January but things didn't go as planned because of the pandemic..)

    WK1-6 sust 250mg EOD
    WK1 dbol 20mg ED, WK2 dbol 30mg ED, WK3 40mg ED, WK4-6 dbol 50mg ED
    WK7-12 durabolin (nandrolone phenylproprionate) 100mg EOD
    WK7-12 winstrol 50mg EOD
    WK13-14 clenbuterol (2-7 tabs a day)

    hcg throughout the whole cycle

    nolvadex + clomid

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's horrible

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    run a sucessful first cycle of test before trying to get overly complicated with your 2nd cycle.

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