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    I sometimes get a short sharp pain in the forearms when I let the weight go, is this the type of pain you're talking about?

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    try letting go of the bar really slow

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    tendon problems as well and joint problems have always been common in bodybuilders and strength athletes.

    How bad is it? if its to the point where is constantly causing you pain then you really should see a doc, he will most proberbly prescribe you an anti inflammatory and pain killers and tell you to rest.

    I've had problems with my elbow on and off for a year now. I found that upright rows where the worst for aggravating it as well as skull crushers with bad form .becouse of that i no longer do upright rows and make sure to use proper form on skull crushers. Don't try and work around it or it will get much worse. Ice it and rest it.

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    If it is that bad you need to first ice it after workout and then immedietly throw a heating pad on it. ice/heat I have the same problem!! Sux

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    I have it in my elbow witch effects my forearm work like hammer curls will put me out of action fo rweeks and sloppy skull crushers it sucks I have this problem for 2yrs now

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    I might have had these. The pain eventually got so bad couldn't even do barbell curls for about a month. So I could only do DB exercises for my biceps. Now only sometimes do I do BB curls because after a while the pain will come back

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    dude I get it all the time .. well every 3 months or so. When it flares up it is always from an arm workout. Either 2 arm machine curls or over head tri's. Anything where my wrist to elbow ratio maybe be at an odd angle putting strain on the tendon.

    Anyway, you can get cortizone injections, heat pad but basically it will go away on its own. Just gotta live with it.

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    Its like shinsplints in your forearms, when the muscle separates from the bone. Its almost the worst pain Ive ever had at the gym.

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