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    how to get a big neck

    what are some good exercises to do to get a big neck?

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    Lie face down with shoulders about even with the end of a flat bench. Place a barbell plate on the back of your head and hold it in place with your hands. Raise head up and back in a semicircular motion as far as comfortable. Return to starting position.

    Then do the same lying on your back with the plate on your forehead .

    Your neck gets worked to a small extent in every workout so once a week is quite sufficient to build a thick neck.

    Happy lifting

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    not sure if it helps but when I do BB shrugs I get a real good squeeze at the tops flexing my neck and jaw. I have a pretty big neck for my size. 17-1/2" 5'9" .. its a bitch to find nice fitting dress shirts though

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    SHRUGS! My neck ****ing blew up because of shrugs.

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    tie a rock to your head...

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