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    Eliminating carbs before I sleep

    Ok Im sure this has been talked about several times, however when I go to do a search its too detailed and can rarely find anything on it

    I do cardio every morning on an empty stomach at 70%max HR @45mins
    Im obviously doing this to drop off fat

    however from what I hear the first 20mins or so goes into depleting carbs before it goes into burning fat

    Im wondering if theres a way (besides not eating carbs at night which I dont do) to have them burned off or cut down before the next morning so I can go directly into fat burning

    Should I do like 20mins of light cardio before I sleep, are there any supplements to take or anything?

    Not sure if this info is needed


    Im 21 years old
    BF probably about 10% ish
    Im only looking to drop roughly 5lbs of fat, this is what I came up with and I think it will make a huge difference

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    Getting Fat
    Nope, your body is not set up to go directly into fat-burning. You have different Metabolic energy systems. As duration increases, you have an increasing reliance of fat as your fuel source. You are buring fat, the minute you get on the treadmill, just a very low percentage, then as time passes, this percentage increases. Light cardio will not be beneficial before you go to sleep. The best approach is what you are doing. Good luck

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