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    How counter-productive is cardio to building muscle?

    I currently train 5days a weeks. My lifting sessions are 1 and a half to 2 hrs. I do approximately 30 mins of cardio after I am done with the weights. I was curious as to how much muscle I am wastiing when I do the cardio as opposed to how much mucle I am building during my session.
    During the 30 mins of cardio am I killing a significant amount of my gains?
    If I am, how would I go about breaking up my training session to maximize my gains...and still lean out somewhat.

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    Solid... I'm doing the same right now... but, I'm looking to cut up a bit. If trying to bulk, it should be limited. If trying to cut, I think a half hour after is fine, but I wouldn't go longer than that and keep the HR in a moderate range.

    Since every person is different, you will have to monitor yourself. If you start to lose size or strength, cut back until you find the happy medium.

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    ^ What he said. I am looking to cut as well. If you are bulking I still would do some cardio but keep it to about 3x a week.

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