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    225 for max reps

    ever since i read an article about nfl strength tests ive been impressed with their sheer strength.alot of linemen are benching 225 for 30-40 reps!even some of the backs are in the 30 rep range.most of these guys arent even full time wieghtlifters.which leads me to my point of this subject.
    6 weeks ago i could bench 375 for a single yet i could only bench 225 for 15 if i really f*ckin gav'er.i could do 130 lb dbs for 3 reps and only do 80 lb dbs for 10-12 reps.i had no muscular endurance!
    now six weeks later i can bench 225 for 20 reps.each week i try to do one more goal is at least 30 reps.
    i have also noticed that my chest has gotten more defined also.i was kind of getting tired of bulk.more reps for me = more tone.

    what is your 225 rep max?
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    30+ its ,my warm up wt i have gone over 20 reps a few times but i can get 20 easily. i know what u mean, i can get 415 about 8 times now and cant get 450 but for two reps. i did 470 for one, and think i could go up, but dont want to try it. its all a mental game with bench anyway imo

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