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    Shoulder Workout

    I have been noticing something bizarre after every shoulder workout - no pain. I have switched routines many times, lifting different body parts with shoulders, but get the same result. Now, my shoulders have gone proportionately with the rest of my body but I was wondering if anyone can tell me why my shoulders don't get sore? Currently I work them alone, with some trap work thrown in there.

    Right now my shoulder workout is: Heavy Military Presses, Arnold Presses or single hand overhead presses, rows, and lat raises.

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    Its really not about being sore after a workout to rate the effeciency of the workout, its the pump you get when your working out. Most of us in here have been working out for yrs. Only on occasions am i sore from workouts , apart from legs anyways. It could be your nutrition is better, or your rest periods are better. Either way i wouldnt worry, as longs as you're having killer workouts.

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