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    Whoa Superset Legs

    for the past month I have been doing Supersets with leg press and DB Squats and i notice the difference big time,looking more cut up as i would call it as before i used to do it separate........i feel the burn in the quads but today since i had to goto a new gym i was left to do separate sets and i did squats for the 1st time and it didn't feel good like the DB Squats superset with leg press

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    Wen you do a compound set for any muscle group you're going to get a better burn, and in most cases a bigger pump. That does not mean you're going to make better gains rather you will increase your body's ability to adjust to the intensity. You can use more weight if you don't compound set the muscle and that's good, because you're giving your muscles time to build their ATP supply between sets. The bottom line is that you want to train both ways in order to maximize your progress. Very your sessions from intensity to poundage to volume.

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    I wouldn't do supersets all the time they are good combination though.Remember changing the routine around keeps the muscles guessing

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