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    bisups,trisups and chest

    what are good exersize for geting big bisups,trisups and chest im been working for over 9 months but only 16 and no matter how much i work out my trisups and chest they wont gane size and my bisups where geting giger but they stoped please help plus im taking craitne

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    Hey bro,
    At your age one of the best things that you can do to build overall upper body strength is isometric typr excersises. By this I mean Pull ups, chin ups, pushups ect. You can but a pull up bar that you can place over the top of your bedroom door. Everytime you go into you room jump up and grap a quick set of 10. You will really be surprised at the amount of mass that you will build doing this and the gains in the gym that you will see as a result of this. My father got me one when I was 16 and I'm gald he did as I truely believe that it was one of the founding building blocks that has keep me into bodybuilding all these years.

    Other type of excersises.
    Preacher curls
    concentration curls,
    tricep extensions
    triceps pushdowns
    bench ( both flat, incline and decline)
    Dumbell flies
    Hope this helps

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