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Thread: Girlie Chest

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    Girlie Chest

    I have 18 inch arms cold but my chest is only 43 inches its lagging so much its like no matter what i do it wont grow and its not like im performing the exercises wrong heres my chest routine
    Incline barbell
    Hammer Strength presses
    Incline Flyes
    cable crossover
    If anyone knows a good routine can you please telll me thankns


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    If your wanting your chest to grow I would suggest sticking to basic exercises like this.
    Flat bench press- warmups ( 2-3 sets )
    than sets of 10-8-6-4
    Incline bench press- 10-8-6-4
    If your wanting more size than you don't really need to do flys or crossovers. Those are more of a finishing movement that will help bring in more detail. Although if you do heavy flys they will help pack on more size to the outer pecs.

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