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    cardio not in the morning?

    I can not make early to do cardio i gotta wake up early for work would it be worth it doing when i workout or would i just be burning food i ate off early in the day and i would inhibit no fat burning at all. Btw im tryin to get a 6 pack for summer so idk if that gives any info

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    AM Cardio on an empty stomach is the best IMO.......

    Some ppl have conflicting opinions, and to each their own...

    Definitely don't do your cardio and weights sessions together, split them up....
    Read this:

    If you are going to do cardio later in the day, try and fast before hand... so it sort of mimicks AM fasted cardio.... this really depends on having a great diet approach for this to work properly..... no different than any other time you could say though...

    If I were you, I would go to bed earlier, and get up that much earlier to do your AM cardio, or rotate your weight and cardio days if you can't squeeze in 2 sessions in the gym per day.....
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