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Thread: abs and forarm

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    Wink abs and forarm

    First of all i would like to thank all those that responded to my old thread, i have started to workout my forarms and hopefully it'll be better soon so i wont hurt on bicep curls. But i was wondering about the routine on forarm, should i emphasize more on reps or weight, like do i pick a 20lb and forarm curl like 20 times on it or do like 10, 8, 6 on progressively heavy weights? And another question is which bench works better for abs, the flat or decline? my personal experience is that i get sore abs faster on decline than flat, however sometimes i think my legs give out more faster than my abs due to the fact that i need them to hold my body in the decline position. So what do u guys think is best btwn the two? Thanks again

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    Train your forarms like you would train your calfs..High rep and make them burn...

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    You are training your forarms because they hurt when you handle big weights while doing biceps curls, right?
    Why would you use low weight and high reps?
    If your goal is to make them stronger, then use heavy weights and low reps.
    Simple as that bro.


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