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    Pyramiding up or down?

    I have been using a specific workout routine over the last year or so and, without going into too much detail, it consists of doing pretty much all lifts at 2 sets x 8 reps at the heaviest weight you can handle (same weight both sets), usually around 3-4 movements per body part. I took the routine from a guy I used to lift with, who is the strongest and biggest natural lifter I have ever seen. Recently I have begun to plateau a bit with this routine (and have also just started my second ever cycle) and was looking to change it up. I am going to start using a pyramid system (at least on my first, main movement for each part) and wasn't sure if I would pyramid up or down. I had thought that I would pyramid down-- drop reps and increase weight with each set-- but now I am considering doing the reverse (especially after reading over Big Kev's routine). I just wanted to hear some feedback on some of your personal preferences/opinions.

    I did find Big Kev's routine intriguing-- and obviously it has worked great for him-- but I can't imagine doing that many sets per body part. From my personal experience, my body responds better to doing less sets per body part, but maybe with being on gear that will change... Anyway, thanks in advance for the feedback.


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    most guys will tell you that pyramiding up is usually the best choice because it warms your muscles up. Personally I prefer pyramiding up just because it works for me. Try out both and see what works out best. Changing things in your routine ensures your muscles won't get used to the stimuli of lifting.

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    I find that if i do 1 warm up set then go to my top weight works well.(Why waste all your energy! warm it up and hit it hard)

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    I like up too from the warmup aspect of it

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    I like up. But with doing the lighter weights on the way up your final set won't be anything close to what you could have done (weight wise) if you had not done the lighter sets. Then again it is not about how much weight but was it enough to stimulate maximum growth. All I know is that it works for me and my muscles are sore for a couple of days after they are worked so they must have been worked hard.

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