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    what routine to use?

    AR RULES!! I have been browsing around here for a month or two now and now i'm psyched. i wanna get big like you guys heres my stats age 20 5'10 156lbs.
    I have never really worked out seriously before but have changed my usual diet (crap) and since i've been eating better i've lost 24lbs in 3 months. Now i'm ready to train hard but i'm not sure how hard. I've read alot of peoples posts on their workouts and have decided to do arms, legs, chest, back,sholders, mon thru friday with abs eod about four exercises per muscle part.
    Should i go with this or as a beginner should i do less workouts a week, say 3 with more recovery time.
    Oh yeah i'v never juiced and after coming here i'm gonna wait at least a few years.
    "I'm in my prime"

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    hey, it would be a good idea to do a search on the topic, pick one and try it bro, u got nothing to lose, you need to try and find one which your body reacts nicely too. good luck man, welcome and get huge...

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    Thanx B-A-M-F
    I've just started to train 5 days a week. Its just someone told me to take it a bit easier when your starting out and do full body workouts. I think i will just stick to it and see how i go. Plus i'm not gonna get ripped takin it easy any way.

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