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    OK to do cardio when building mass and on gear?

    When I want to build some lean muscle, NOT get fat and hopefully at the same time burn some fat a bit, or at least work on that during weeks 8-12 of my cycle, is it OK to do cardio and still grow? Should I watch out so I don't burn too much? I.e. below what levels or calaries taken in a day - calories burned will I stop growing even if I take roids and eat 1.5g of protein per lb of weight? (I'm 160lbs and have 18% fat)?

    thank you for your help!


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    Yes aleways do your cardio, It will not only instill go habits for later on in your life when you might really need it but it also is very healthy for the heart, somthing that needs all the help it cvan get while on a cycle. Yes you can bulk and stay farily lean, but I would not try to attempt to bulk and cut at the same time as this is not feesiable and useually winds up to be a waist of time. If y ou are worried about burning off to much ,lean muscle mass keep a close eye on it to see where your training is going. If you need help calculateing it out just give me a hollar. It is really quite simple.

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    hey luke ,
    i dunno but i agree with what tobey is saying.u should be doin cardio atleast 4 days\week {guys correct me if i am wrong}that is what i am doing right now,iam on 8weeks cycle & i train for double body part & do 15 to 20 mins of cardio every 4 \ 5 days ,

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    when bulking I do cardio 3 times a week for 20 mins

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    I also do cardio. 3 times a weeks for 20 mins. Now i do it 5 days a weeks for 20 mins.

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